Add a Simscape Multibody model to a Simscape Electrical model

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I just found out that you can use a CAD file to generate a Simscape Multibody model, so I wanted to ask if it's possible to add the generated Simscape Multibody from the CAD to a Simscape Electrical Model? this would be very helpful if it's possible.
I have a CAD design of a motor and generator shaft, coupled via a clutch, I want to generate the Simscape Multibody model and use it as input to for my Simscape Electrical model. The electrical model is an island grid that needs the mechanical rotation of the generator's shaft as an input to supplement the island grid.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 24 Oct 2023
Hi all,
In R2021a we added interface blocks to more easily connect Simscape Multibody joints to 1D mechanical Simscape networks.
This example shows how to connect the systems

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