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Disable the Formatting Syntax in a Text Log File

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Ledger Yu
Ledger Yu on 16 Apr 2015
Commented: normanius on 25 Sep 2018
I'm calling a Matlab script from windows command line and generate the log as a text file:
matlab -r "run C:\Code\DailyProcess.m;" -logfile "DailyProcessLog.txt"
The log file indeed contains whatever information you'll see in the command window should you run the script directly in Matlab. However, it also gives you the formatting language like this:
In <a href="matlab: opentoline('C:\Code\DailyProcess.m',21,1)">DailyProcess at 21</a>
You see that "<a href="matlab:" stuff is really annoying (I see a couple of lines like this). Is there a way to disable the formatting syntax in a log file and simply output a plain text file?
I'm using Matlab 2013b in Windows 7. The reason to call matlab from command line is because I need to schedule the job in Windows Task Scheduler.

Accepted Answer

Jan on 16 Apr 2015
Edited: Jan on 16 Apr 2015
You can try the undocumented switch
feature('HotLinks', 'off');
Another idea is to clean the logfile afterwards.
I do not use the output to the command line for logging, but forward every message, which should appear in the logs to a dedicated function, which write copies to the command line and to a file.
normanius on 25 Sep 2018
Note that Jan's answer also disables the special formatting of tables (font type of header and row names). So not only "Hot Links" are disabled, but special formatting in general. Thanks, Jan!

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