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When I install Curve Fitting Toolbox, it says "Something unusual has happened"

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I want to use the spcrv. It says a toolbox needs to be installed.

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Shivang on 18 Dec 2023
From what I understand, you were trying to use the "spcrv" function, which belongs to the Curve Fitting Toolbox. When trying to install this toolbox, you see a generic error message.
Assuming you are using the Add-Ons Explorer to install the toolbox, this error may be caused by a lack of permissions to the Add-Ons Explorer. To resolve the error, try running MATLAB with elevated permissions and reattempt the installation once more.
If the issue persists, you can try to install the toolbox with the MathWorks Product Installer. Refer to this MATLAB Answer for more details:
Hope this helps!


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