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Code Coverage in SIL Environments

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Dhruv Sehgal
Dhruv Sehgal on 15 Jan 2024
Answered: Asim on 15 Jan 2024
I am working on a control system for an HVAC unit, and the test suite I've designed covers all the functional requirements, such as temperature control, fan speed adjustments, and system modes (heating, cooling, etc.). After running these tests in a SIL setup, the coverage analysis reveals that certain error-handling code paths were not exercised. What are the best procedure for automatically generating additional test cases that can fill these gaps, ensuring that every aspect of the code is tested and there is complete structural coverage?

Accepted Answer

Asim on 15 Jan 2024
Hello Dhruv,
I understand you are facing challenges with achieving complete structural coverage in your SIL testing process.
For guidance on executing Requirement-Based SIL testing and supplementing your test suite with cases to cover any gaps, please refer this post which outlines the necessary workflow in detail.
I hope this helps!
Thanks & Regards,
Asim Asrar

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