help understand the step size of the electrical engine dyno example

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I still don't get the choice of the step size, with which the torque input data were spaced considering the example's parameters?
does the choosen step size implies seconds or milliseconds?
Generally how do I now which step size between 2 input data does my model require, so that the results are accurate? is it just a step size or does it have a physical logique behind it (like each step size is a second or millisecond).
I don't seem to get the hold of it and I didn't find any helping documentation.

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 10 Feb 2024
Click on Modeling Tab --> Model Explorer --> Base Workspace, and then you will see that the sampling time is 1E-5 in seconds. See the screenshot:
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K on 10 Feb 2024
Edited: K on 10 Feb 2024
yes I know that the fundamental sampling time is 1e-5 but that's not the spacing with which the values of the torque were inputed.
as someone already explained what's the fundamental sample time ( I'm still missing the time spacing between two input values and its physical meaning, the torque was not inputed every 1e-5s
is the time value 0,11 in the table bellow (second row) equales 0,11s or 0,11*1e-5 s?

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