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System output function : Simulink coder : custom code : blink LED

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I am working on TI mmWave radar board and I want to blink LED on it. I have added the hardware and done all the linking process and it is successfully generating a a binary for a simple gain block. Now I want to blink an LED to test the complete process. However, since there is no pre-existing block specifically for LED blinking on the mmWave radar board within Simulink, I am considering the use of Simulink Coder's 'Custom Code' feature, specifically the 'System Output Function' block. I must admit, I am not fully versed in how to implement this. I have the blink LED code ready, with both the header and the main.c file. I am seeking guidance on which sections of the code should be placed where, and the procedure to accomplish this within the Simulink environment.
Also this is the block

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