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How to plot this (time delayed) system in matlab?

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I have a time delayed state space model like this...!
dx1/dt = x1(t) + x2(t) + x1(t-d(t)) +x2(t--d(t))
dx2/dt = 0.7*x1(t) + x2(t) + x1(t-d(t)) +0.5*x2(t--d(t))
where x(t-d(t)) is the delayed state.... and our delay is time variant given by d(t) = 3+2*cos(t)...
i know about dde23 but it's for time invariant delays...
i wrote a code like this....
function v=f(t,x)
v(1) = x(1) + x(2);
v(2) = 0.7* x(1) + x(2);
[x1,x2] = meshgrid(-2:0.1:2);
[t,x] = ode45(@v, [Initial_Time Final_Time], [0.01624 0.1535]);
this code is without adding time delay... will someone help how to add time delay in this....?

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