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Determining Coefficient Weights in a Rational Quadratic GPR model

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Hello there I have a trianed GPR model stored in the workspace as "GPRModel". I have 63 input featured for my trianed model and I am trying to detmine which features are weighted the highest and contribute the most to the model's predictions. My training data with the features is stored in a Table named: "AllFinalTrials". Let me know if there is any way to determine the coefficents or wieghts of the featured for this Rational Quadratic GPR model. Thank you so much!

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Drew on 3 Apr 2024
If you want to know "which features ... contribute the most to the model's predictions", one way to do that is to use model interpretability techniques. Here are a couple of interpretability techniques that can produce an importance value for each feature of your Rational Quadratic GPR model:
For a general introduction to model interpretability, see
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Drew on 3 Apr 2024
If you have a MATLAB license, you can get access to R2024a in two ways:
(1) Access R2024a online at
(2) R2024a is also available for download from
Drew on 12 Apr 2024
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