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Extract variables from table and function with loop

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I have a table with 2317X16, which contains 16 variables of 2317X1. Name of each variable is MC1, MC2, MC3, MC4 ....
I would like to do a msbackadj function of each variable by using loop, then plot it separately.
(Name of another variable for X axis of msbackadj is 'Mshift', also size of 2317X1)
So I use:
for i = 1:16
Mc3 = msbackadj(Mshift,M3a(:,'i'));
Figure;plot(Mshift, M3a(:,'i'));
(Mc3 is random name I made for new variable)
And it just worked for 1 variable, but didn't go the loop.
How can I do msbackadj on each variable with using loop?
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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 10 Apr 2024
Using indexing (column numbers) instead of accessing by defining names manually would be a better option.
You can also get the variable names from the table and loop over them.

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Accepted Answer

Ayush Anand
Ayush Anand on 10 Apr 2024
When you are using "M3a(:,'i')", MATLAB is interpreting 'i' as a literal character, not the variable 'i' from your loop. You can instead generate the column name separately using "sprintf" and then use parenthesis to index into the column:
colName = sprintf('MC%d', i);
% Extract the column for the current iteration
currentColumn = M3a.(colName);
% Perform msbackadj on the current column
Mc3 = msbackadj(Mshift, currentColumn);
Replacing the "Mc3 = msbackadj(Mshift,M3a(:,'i'));" line with the code above will ensure you are able to iterate through all columns of your data.
You can read more about sprintf here:

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