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mcc fails to build using REQUIREMENTS but not DEPFUN

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Tom on 20 Apr 2015
Edited: Tom on 20 Apr 2015
Compiling the following trivial function
function compiletest(varargin)
using the following commant line:
>> mcc -o compiletest -W main:compiletest -T link:exe -d ~/tmp/matlab compiletest.m -I /my/abs/path/to/add
however getting the following error:
Compiler version: 5.2 (R2014b)
Dependency analysis by REQUIREMENTS.
Error using cellfun
All of the input arguments must be of the same size and shape.
Previous inputs had size 2589 in dimension 2. Input #3 has size 1
Error in matlab.depfun.internal.preloadWhichCache (line 52)
builtinStr = cellfun(@(sym,type,loc)wrapPath(sym,type,loc), ...
Error in matlab.depfun.internal.Completion (line 1921)
matlab.depfun.internal.preloadWhichCache(obj.db_path, pth);
Error in matlab.depfun.internal.requirements (line 184)
c = matlab.depfun.internal.Completion(files, tgt, 'useDatabase');
Unexpected error while determining required deployable files. Compilation terminated.
however the following does
mcc -o compiletest -W main:compiletest -T link:exe -d ~/tmp/matlab -v compiletest.m
As I'm using MCC on the shell I need to use the -I flag to add the paths. Have double checked the paths are there. Also my compiletest.m function is so simple I have no dependancies, so it seems like just -I flag interaction with mcc.
It works fine when doing via DEPFUN and not REQUIREMENTS (export MCC_USE_DEPFUN=1) in the shell. This is undocumented, I just found this on the web.
Any ideas of what to test? Seems to be -I flag not implemented properly for this new REQUIREMENTS dependancy walker.
using 2014b on Linux RHL 6.4

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