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2024a number of workers in parallel pool

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The maximum allowed number of workers in parallel pool for both processes and thread parpools appears to be 8, albite my PC has 24 cores.
My PC creates parpool with 24 workers by default with Matlab 2023b and earlier. This problem only appears on Matlab 2024a.
I cannot increase the number of workers using either command or in parallel preferences.

Accepted Answer

Sarthak on 27 May 2024
Hello Felix,
The only reason MATLAB isn't using all the cores could be that your CPU has 8 performance cores. I think performance is optimal if you only use the P-cores in the machine and running work on the E-cores has been known to reduce performance overall. I think that is the issue.
If this is not the case, you might want to reach out to MathWorks Technical Support from the link below to investigate this issue further.
I hope this helps!

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