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When model is loaded how does old Variant Model blocks convert to a subsystem variant with model blocks as choices?

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When Model Variant has two choices lets say
Model Block1 (Choice1) has inports { 'In1', 'In2', 'In3'} , let say this choice is selected
Model Block2 (Choice2) has inports { 'my_In1', 'my_In2', 'my_In3'}
How will this Model Variant convert to Variant Subsystem with model blocks as choices?

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Rajesh Bandreddi
Rajesh Bandreddi on 25 May 2024 at 1:59
When the model block choices have inconsistent ports the Variant Model Block will be converted to Variant Subsystem and the inconsistent choice model will be wrapped in a Subsystem to match the choice1 port names. So in the example sited for choice2 a wrapper subsystem is added with portnames {'In1', 'In2', 'In3'} connecting to {'my_In1', 'my_In2', 'my_In3'} so the Variant Subsystem behavior matches with Variant Model block.


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