Customization of Editor -- Add a Language and/or Extension?

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dpb on 23 Apr 2015
I've tried adding an extension in the "File Extensions" at the bottom of the preferences page for the editor but see no effect--it doesn't show that extension in a FileOpen selection list for file types so what's the purpose?
Also, there seems to be no way to add a language to the syntax highlighting list although surely that has to be implemented through some set of language definition files/macros???
I did some searching and found some info on Yair's site regarding extending some functionality with callbacks, but nothing regarding these areas.
Is the former a bug or am I missing something and if can have a listing for TLC (whatever that is?) where's Fortran?
It would be a_good_thing (tm) if the editor selection instead of being global could be language/file extension specific...then wouldn't be such an issue of having to add a specific customization.

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