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James Harynuk
James Harynuk on 30 Apr 2015
Answered: Paul Kinnucan on 9 Feb 2017
Is there any way to get rid of the second page of title page in PDF format?
I can edit contents for Book Titlepage Recto and Book Titlepage Verso in custom stylesheet, but I don't want to include Titlepage Verso at all.
Thanks in advance
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Brad R
Brad R on 11 Jan 2017
I am having the same issue; The recto side is generated, then a blank page, and then the verso side. The stylesheet doesn't seem to accommodate editing this format as far as I can tell...

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Paul Kinnucan
Paul Kinnucan on 9 Feb 2017
It is possible to eliminate the verso title page, starting in R2014b. To eliminate the verso title page, use a custom template with one of the template-based output types: Direct PDF (from template), Word (from template), PDF (from Word template), etc. Edit the custom template's template library to remove the content of the rgVersoTitlePage template. Note that you must delete the template content not the template itself. See Customize Report Conversion Templates in the Report Generator documentation for more information.

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