xPC Target 4.4 (Matlab 2010bSP1) and Athena III SBC

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I must use specific xPC versions (either the one with Matlab 7.1, Matlab 2009b, or Matlab 2010bSP1). These are the only options. Recently my single board computer (SBC), an Athena II from Diamond Systems, died. As my laptop running the xPC that shipped with Matlab 7.1 is on its last leg, I decided to get a new SBC and laptop. I now have 2010bSP1 running on the new laptop and I have a new SBC, the Athena III. I'm trying to network boot the SBC into xPC Target via a cross-over cable but running into issues (the laptop never "sees" the Athena III. Can you tell me if xPC 4.4 is compatible with the Athena III and, if so, is network booting supported?
Thanks, Matthew

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