How can I change the bar style in a errorbar plot?

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Hi, I have a problem when I update my Matlab version from 2012b to 2014b. The problem is when I plotted any figure in Matlab 2012b I can access to any object and modify it. For now under Matlab 2014b I cannot access these objects. This is a global problem for Matlab 2014b, so I focus on a specific one:
How can I now modify the bars of the errorbar plot in order to get dashed errorbar style under Matlab 2014b. This is my code under Matlab 2012b:
hline = errorbar(x,y,L,U,'r','LineStyle','none');
hline = get(hline,'Children');
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Star Strider
Star Strider on 12 May 2015
In HG2 (in R2014b+), 'Chlidren' no longer exist.
This will work:
hline = errorbar(x,y,L,U,'r','LineStyle','none');
as will this:
hline = errorbar(x,y,L,U,'r','LineStyle','none');
hline.LineStyle = '--';
Star Strider
Star Strider on 26 Nov 2015
I agree. I believe functionality that was easy in HG1 is being gradually restored to HG2, and some new necessary functionality is being added, but it is taking time.

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