How can I perform preprocessing in this image

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would like to perform a pre-processing in the following image I'm quite difficult to do this, someone can help me.The image quite gray and would isolate the digital fingerprint background noise, sorry my mistake, I only want to save the fingerprint, remove everything else into the picture.
Biza Ferreira
Biza Ferreira on 22 May 2015
ok. What I need is to study the characteristics of digital printing, which makes them unique for each person. So I would treat the fingerprint in order to highlight their characteristics such as minutiae. I would like to make the homogeneous background making clear the fingerprint, certain sections of the print can be eliminated or confused with the background.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 22 May 2015

Luke Anderson
Luke Anderson on 21 Nov 2019
This is the result of filtering your fingerprint image with a 75% black and 25% white filter. Is this sort of what you were looking for?


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