Is it possible the installation of MATLAB 6.5 on Windows 7?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Jun 2015
You can get a "Home License" for really cheap so why not just upgrade to the current version with that? Why install a 13 year old , antique version?
If you have this old version, just go ahead and try it . Probably no one here could tell you because almost everyone has a version much newer than that.
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Mushtaq Al-Jubbori
Mushtaq Al-Jubbori on 3 Jun 2015
I work publicly version 2012, but MATLAB 6.5 him a good property to hold the fit process and user-friendly

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Jan on 3 Jun 2015
No, it does not work. I've tried to run the installer in a DOS box, in different compatibility modes, with and without Aero - no success.
Then I've installed Matlab 6.5 in the virtual XP machine, which can be downloaded for Windows 7: This works fluently and has the big advantage, that Matlab 6.5 has been tested exhaustively under Windows XP.
PS. Care for installing the 6.5.1 update, when you work on network drives. Otherwise the file system will be damaged seriously.

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