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Solving a Riccati equation via Schur decomposition in the versions later than MATLAB 7.0

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N Madani SYED
N Madani SYED on 26 Nov 2011
Commented: burak ergocmen on 12 Dec 2017
Hi, I was using ric_schr (Mu Analysis and Synthesis Toolbox) command in MATLAB 7.0 to solve riccati equation via schur decomposition. However, this command (as well as the toolbox) is missing in later versions of MATLAB such as MATLAB 7.6.0 (R2008a). Is there any other substitute for ric_schr in the subsequent versions?


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Answers (2)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Nov 2011
I find evidence that ric_schr become part of the Robust Control Toolbox, but the function of that name does seem to have disappeared.
Possibly the current replacement function would be
See also this contributed code which seems to use schur() and ordschur() for this purpose.

burak ergocmen
burak ergocmen on 27 Nov 2017
I think ordschur is not working on script . Is there a way or another code for that


Christine Tobler
Christine Tobler on 27 Nov 2017
Could you post the error message you are receiving when calling ordschur? I don't see a reason why it wouldn't work in a script.
burak ergocmen
burak ergocmen on 12 Dec 2017
I use it in the simulink/matlab function. schur is working well but if we type ordschur , it is not working and there is error message .
Undefined function or variable 'ordschur'.
Function 'shurrmethod ' (#44.186.213), line 13, column 1: "[U,S]=ordschur(Ud,Sd,'lhp')" Launch diagnostic report.

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