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Is there a way around "USB" device communication without "Instrument Control" library?

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I am trying to communicate with a Cypress PSoC4 device using the "Cypress Bridge Controller", which is essentially a USB device.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 16 Jun 2015
There might be.
First, search the Hardware Support page to see if a support package already exists. (While you’re at it, type webcam in the Command Window for directions on how to get the Webcam Support Package, just for fun!) Those can all be used with MATLAB, although some may require Simulink.
Otherwise, it depends on how the USB interface is configured. I have a few consumer biomedical devices (EKG, pulse oximeter) that have USB interfaces that I’ve used successfully with MATLAB without the Instrument Control Toolbox. I have Simulink, but they don’t require it.
When I plugged them in for the first time, I let Windows find drivers for them, then armed with that information, searched online for the USB interface chips, and found the PDF documentation that allowed me to communicate with them. (They created virtual serial ports.) I had to write my own communication routines, but the native MATLAB serial communication functions were adequate to let me communicate with them and download the signals and derivative information they acquired and transmitted.
It was actually fun for me, but then my definition of ‘fun’ is not universally shared!

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