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Mac debug keyboard shortcuts

Asked by Robbie
on 28 Nov 2011


I am using Matlab on a Mac for the first time and I don't know the equivalent keyboard shortcuts if they exist for debugging e.g. F10, F11 for run etc. Does anyone know what they are or how to configure them?



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2 Answers

Answer by Ken Atwell
on 29 Nov 2011
 Accepted Answer

Configurable shortcuts were added in R2009b. By default, MATLAB tries to follow the muscle memory "expectation" for each platform. The F11/F10 keys you mention are for Windows and are inspired by Visual Studio, where as the shortcut keys on the Mac are influenced by Xcode:

  • Command- shift- I to step IN
  • Command- shift- O to step OVER
  • As so on

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And for Unix / Linux? ;-)

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Answer by the cyclist
on 28 Nov 2011

In the menus:

MATLAB --> Preferences --> Keyboard --> Shortcuts

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Thanks for your response - unfortunately I don't seem to have the shortcuts option available and I have tried all the available keyboard preference settings. I am using Matlab version R2008a.

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