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How to find a variable in Simulink Model

Asked by nkumar
on 8 Jul 2015
Latest activity Answered by Sebastian Castro on 10 Jul 2015

I want to know the variable uses in demo assume in counter2 ,right click and if u see Model Reference Parameter there are two variables Params, ICs under Model argument values (for this instance).Can I know what it is and what are its values.I read help in Simulink but could not get relevant answer .On what basis these variables arte passed


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1 Answer

Answer by Sebastian Castro on 10 Jul 2015
 Accepted Answer

The most general answer to your question is to use the Model Explorer. It's a great tool that lets you navigate through a model hierarchy and look at all the variables defined in different places.

You can also

  1. Search for variables within the Model Explorer.
  2. Right-click a variable in Model Explorer and select "Find where used".
  3. Right-click any Simulink model or block and select "Find referenced variables".
  4. Use the Simulink.findVars function to do search variables programmatically. [Example here]

- Sebastian


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