Is there a way to specify the exact size of axes in EPS files?

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In my current work flow, I export MATLAB figures with
in order to edit in a graphic software. However, the size of the axes are automatically set by default. This means I don't have control on how large or small my plots are in the output. When I need to combine multiple MATLAB figures to create a composite figure for a paper, it is often cumbersome to adjust the size of each plot every time I update them.
Is there a way to specify the exact size of axes in EPS files, for exampe X axis to be 10.0 cm whereas Y axis to be 7.0 cm?

Accepted Answer

Jan on 12 Jul 2015
Set the figure properties 'PaperPosition' and 'PaperUnits' accordingly.

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Kouichi Nakamura
Kouichi Nakamura on 12 Jul 2015
It's probably...
set(gca, 'Units', 'centimeters', 'Position', [2, 2, 8, 11]);
Then open the EPS with a graphic software to see if the width is 8 cm and the height 11 cm.


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