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JUDP to monitor UDP broadcast

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Gus Lott
Gus Lott on 21 Jul 2015
Commented: Dasharath Gulvady on 23 Jul 2015
Want to use JUDP to capture this UDP broadcast on port 4992. It occurs about every second. As captured using WireShark:
Yet when I use this JUDP command, I get a timeout. mssg = judp('receive',4992,266,1200) Error using judp (line 166) judp.m--Failed to receive UDP packet; connection timed out. Anyone have an idea why I am not picking up the UDP broadcast using judp?
Dasharath Gulvady
Dasharath Gulvady on 23 Jul 2015
Is there a reason why you want to use "judp" over MATLAB's "udp" function? Do you have Instrument Control Toolbox?

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