Simscape: unable to use two fluids as in simulation model of fuel injector

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sanjeet on 22 Jul 2015
Commented: sanjeet on 3 Aug 2015
The model detail:
Used two set of 2-Way Directional Valve1 and one Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder as Intensifier top-bottom chamber. Used the Ideal Hydraulic Pressure Source1+ check valve+ single acting hydraulic cylinder to supply fuel chamber the fuel pressure. Used the needle lift valve with connection to the fuel pressure line and displacement aligned to the fuel chamber cylinder rod, to get the injection
I built a model for fuel injection using two fluid oil+fuel, the oil will build pressure as per the signal of valve opening and the oil will be on A side of the double acting cylinder and fuel will be compressed 10 times as by the cylinder rod . Fuel in the Bside of the cylinder .
But I am getting the error: Error compiling Simscape network for model sh_closed_loop_circuit_2_way_valve.
Unable to compile the physical network. 'Attemping to overresolve an already resolved value. Perhaps too many domain specific global parameter blocks have been attached to the network.'
Also If I use only 1 fluid (just to run)then I am getting some result
So pleae help /guide me to able use two fluid in model. <<

Accepted Answer

Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 23 Jul 2015
What happens if you replace the Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder block with two Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder blocks and a mechanical line in between?
My guess is that might work as the two hydraulic networks are separated from each other and therefore you can have different fluids on either end.
- Sebastian

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