Is it possible to brush data on a plot and have it assigned to a variable immediatly after brushing instead of having to save it manually?

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Calabrese on 24 Jul 2015
Commented: Calabrese on 27 Jul 2015
I would like to plot data, once plotted I would be directed to brush the data I want to use. Following the brush I would like to click the enter key and have code in matlab to save what I brushed without me having to do it manually.

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Cindy Solomon
Cindy Solomon on 27 Jul 2015
Edited: Cindy Solomon on 27 Jul 2015
Hi Calabrese,
There is no in-built functionality to do this in MATLAB, but there a few potential workarounds that you could look into:
1) This function on File Exchange has a lot of interesting functionality that other users have found helpful and recommended in similar use cases.
2) Adding a function to the callback that executes once data is brushed. (This callback is called ActionPostCallback.)
3) Adding some sort of event-listener to a property, such as the example here.
I hope this helps!
Calabrese on 27 Jul 2015
I have used this feature for an individual plot but my data comes back empty
x = plot(Time,CMP1,'m')
brush on
hB = findobj(x,'-property','BrushData');
a = set(hB,'BrushData', 'YourNewValues')
b = get(hB,'BrushData');

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