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How to find the contrast of a image in Matlab?

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Anushka on 26 Jul 2015
Commented: shree san on 8 Oct 2017
How to find the contrast of a image in Matlab?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Jul 2015
How do you define it? Is it just the max minus the min?
image_contrast = max(grayImage(:)) - min(grayImage(:));
or do you want some other definition? Maybe like the ratio of the mean to the standard deviation or something? It might help if you said what you are going to do with this information if you can get it.
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shree san
shree san on 8 Oct 2017
Dear sir/madam, I have tried the above code and it worked.Thank you so much.But I have question about this image contrast.what should be the value of output so that the best contrast enhanced image can be chosen?

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