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the algebraic loop error occurs in dqo/abc block, please help me out to solve this error

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Rajalakshmi S
Rajalakshmi S on 7 Aug 2015
Answered: Walter Roberson on 7 Aug 2015
Simulink cannot solve the algebraic loop containing 'svgridallnewcontroller/dq0 to abc/dq0 to Alpha-Beta-Zero/Subsystem1' at time 1.59502 using the LineSearch-based algorithm due to one of the following reasons: the model is ill-defined i.e., the system equations do not have a solution; or the nonlinear equation solver failed to converge due to numerical issues. To rule out solver convergence as the cause of this error, either a) switch to TrustRegion-based algorithm using set_param('svgridallnewcontroller','AlgebraicLoopSolver','TrustRegion') b) reducing the VariableStepDiscrete solver RelTol parameter so that the solver takes smaller time steps. If the error persists in spite of the above changes, then the model is likely ill-defined and requires modification. Component: Simulink | Category: Block error


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