6.6 GB mat file load error with MATLAB 2014b: Error using load Cannot read file

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I saved a 6.6 GB mat file with MATLAB 2014b previously and now I need to open it with the same computer and the same version of MATLAB.
I clicked the "open" button under the "HOME" tab in the MATLAB window and found the mat file and "open". However, MATLAB gave me this:
Error using load Cannot read file D:\MATLAB & Simulink Simulation Results\XXX\XXX.mat.
I tried to change the path but it could not work.
Do you know how can I load the large mat file to the workspace?
Thank you in advance!

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Jan on 14 Aug 2015
There can be many different problems: Perhaps you do not have enough free RAM? Or the file is damaged? So please post the complete error message. Did you try to use the load command?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Jun 2016
If you have R2013b or later you should be able to use
to install the package.

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Junfei Tang
Junfei Tang on 5 Sep 2015
Thank you very much everyone!
Sorry that I did not reply to you until now.
I discarded my old mat file since I was informed that the setup for the simulation should be modified afterwards. Then I rerun the simulation and saved the workspace data as a mat file in version "-v7.3":
Home / Preferences / General / MAT-Files: MATLAB version 7.3 or later (save -7.3)
Later on, when I needed to use the data, the new mat file in "-v7.3" was loaded without problem.
This is what I have experienced and anyone who encounters the same problem may refer to this.
Thank you for your attention again!
Junfei Tang


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