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Matlab Final Project

Asked by Huseyin Can Karabag on 13 Dec 2011
Latest activity Edited by Walter Roberson
on 20 Nov 2015

Hello, I am freshman student at mechanical engineering. I have a matlab project but I don't know what I will do.Can you help me for it. If project on gui, it will very good. Thank you in advance. I try to make a piano on matlab gui but I don't know how I make exactly. I will appreciate if you help me.


the cyclist
on 13 Dec 2011

How about this one:

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2 Answers

Answer by Jan Simon
on 14 Dec 2011

Dear huseyin,

The funny comments to your message are caused by the fact, that you forgot to mention any relevant details. It matters, if you are studying medical informatics or if this the final project of a 5-days-Matlab-course in the school. Without knowing any details, a serious answer is not possible.

I think, another cause for the level of humor in the above comments is envy. I do not know the cyclist, Fangjun or Walter personally, so this is a pure speculation: if they are a little bit like me, their heads are crowded by ideas for projects, but 24 hours a day are not enough to implement them. I'm so far away from not knowing, what I could do, that it is hard to imagine such a situation anymore.

Do not take it personally. Just add more details (by editing your original message, not by adding a comment or answer) and you will probably get more answers - apart from this off-topic meta-answer.


If I had more hours in the day, my work would expand to fill all of them, and I would still never get out to the disco.

Jan Simon
on 14 Dec 2011

If you buy a cute tablet-PC (one of the thing you put "app"s on, such that you do not have to carry the "lication"s), you could feed this forum even from a disco.

+1 for being a good mentor and understand that I am envying.

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Answer by Jan Simon
on 14 Dec 2011

Fine. A piano is a good point to start from. What part of the piano do you want to simulate or visualize? The keyboard only, of the vibrating body, the strings or the complicated hammer machine?


Only keybord is enough but I don't have much information to how I make it.I will appreciate if you help me. I must learn it exactly. I must have '.fig' format . m.file is also necessary
Thank You.

Jan Simon
on 14 Dec 2011

What kind of visualization do you want? 2D, 3D, animated keys or simple buttons? Should it be possible to press more than one key at the same time? Accustical feedback?
Did you learn how to use GUIDE already? If not, read the corresponding chapters in the documentation.
I think, I'm on your way now to find out, what you want to do. If you have explicite questions concerning Matlab, they are very welcome in this forum.

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