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Changing the bandwidth limited noise run to run within Simulink

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Jason Baxter
Jason Baxter on 29 Sep 2015
Commented: Anjuli Jain on 27 Mar 2016
Hello everyone,
I am a bit stumped trying to generate a Monte Carlo of my Simulink model. I beleive the Culprit is this thing:
Yes the noise from run to run looks the same! as you can see below, the plot is changing but the noise element from the Band-Limited White Noise is the same run to run
In the Band-Limited White Noise block there is a seed, if I change this seed to a variable I get the error
Model arguments can not be used in non-tunable expressions. The expression '[ACCvar.noise_seed]' in parameter field 'seed' of 'model_G02_32_acc/18+kHz sampleRate ACC/Empirical fitting/Band-Limited White Noise' can not be tuned but it refers to variables (ACCvar (model argument))
My question is simply how can I either; change the seed from run to run? or is there another work around?
Any help is greatly appreciated thank you!

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Anjuli Jain
Anjuli Jain on 27 Mar 2016
Hello! I was having a similar problem. It's been a while since this post, but in the event that a resolution helps others, I resolved it by putting randi(lo,high) in the "seed" parameter and I think this has worked.

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