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Is there a way for MatLab to compute random numbers for a range of numbers?

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I have a set of numbers but I need to compute all combinations of them and put them in a spreadsheet. Can Mathlab help me with this?
Mohammad Abouali
Mohammad Abouali on 1 Oct 2015
Edited: Mohammad Abouali on 1 Oct 2015
Let's say you generate all the 20^100 numbers; Where do you want to store it? Let's say you need only 1Byte for each number (which definitely you gonna need more; but let's just ignore this), then you gonna need 1.1259e+115 PetaBytes of storage to store all of them. Something tells me even with all the computers combined, you won't have that much of storage.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Oct 2015
No. 20^100 exceeds the estimated number of elementary particles in the Universe. You would need to be able to somehow inscribe at least 10^45 different values on each elementary particle in order to store 20^100 lists of numbers. This cannot be done.
George Carlisle
George Carlisle on 1 Oct 2015
If any of you have the full edition, can you run this and export it to excel and post here. Thanks.

the cyclist
the cyclist on 1 Oct 2015
It sounds like you might want the perms command. If that is not quite what you need, you might click on some of the "See Also" commands listed at the bottom of that page.
George Carlisle
George Carlisle on 1 Oct 2015
Edited: George Carlisle on 1 Oct 2015
I did 9 characters and it gave me this, Your solution should use the matrix multiplication operator (*).

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