How can I take the row of the cities from the Travel Salesman Problem?

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Ang Vas
Ang Vas on 2 Oct 2015
Commented: Ang Vas on 2 Oct 2015
Hello everybody I need your help about an issue. I found a TSP code from , which I run it in and everything is crystal clear. What I want to ask is how I can take the exactly row of cities after the TSP in an Nx2 matrix. For instance let’s say that the X,Y coordinates of 8 cities is : 2.2592 9.0488 1.7071 9.7975 2.2766 4.3887 4.3570 1.1112 3.1110 2.5806 9.2338 4.0872 4.3021 5.9490 1.8482 2.6221 When I run the program I can take the solution of the problem but not the row of the cities.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Oct 2015
Look at the comments in the code:
[cities ind] = solveTSP( cities, display) returns the aranged cities and an index vector of the visiting order
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Ang Vas
Ang Vas on 2 Oct 2015
ok thanks you so much. Sorry for this ,but I am amateur in matlab and I am not so keen on

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