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Hi, I have to store many images in my database. Could you tell how to create a database or how to save images using commands. Now, an input query image will be given. It has to check with the images present in the database. It has to be compared with those images and we have to tell whether it matches or not.

Regards, Siva,


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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 24 Dec 2011
 Accepted Answer

You can save images using save(). Or imwrite() or print() or saveas(). Or you can get fancier and use SQL or one of the Microsoft databases.

Unless your data is intended to be used in a high-performance system (e.g., recognizing people in a crowd), save() or imwrite() is probably fine.

How does your situation define "matches or not" ? Is it exact pixel comparison? Same object, same lighting, but perhaps a different size or orientation? (e.g., when scanning an ID badge the distance and angle might not be exactly the same.) You need to be able to identify individual Muppets in a crowd scene from The Muppet Show? You need to be able to scan in an MRS (Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy) FID from a patient and have the spectrum automatically classified as to thyroid cancer stage? You need to match astronomical photographs taken anywhere in the solar system against the astronomical database to figure out exactly which stars in the picture are which?


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Thanks for your reply Walter..........

the concept is exactly based on image retrieval concept, the file which is present in fileexchange also. instead of those images present in the database, i have to give images of my own. i am unable to modify exactly. Can you tell how to modify the database exactly.

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This does not answer the question of whether you are looking for an EXACT match, or just something close. Are you going to ask the database "is there a copy of this exact picture of siva inside you?" or are you going to ask the database "please retrieve all pictures of Indians less than 30 years old."?

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