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how can i divide l band frequency as sub bands

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ankarao velisetty
ankarao velisetty on 9 Oct 2015
how can i divide the L band into LL,LH,HH,HL bands where L,H are my lowpass and high pass filters ,as well as L1L1,L1L2,L1H1,L1H2 L2L1,L2L2,L2H1,L2H2 H1L1,H1L2,H1H1,H1H2 H2L1,H2L2,H2H1,H2H2 BY using dwt2 command in mat lab ,where L1,H1= FIRST BAND LOW ,HIGH PASS FILTER,L2,H2=SECOND BAND LOW ,HIGH PASS FILTER,


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