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Hello, i have performed curve fitting with cftool , but i cannot accomplish to extract the smoothed data as vector. Instead i can see the plot and it's ok , also i get an cfit object that contains the parameters for the ploting my disered data. So is there any possible way to extract my new data and not the graph? thank you.
P.S. I tried with feval function but i don't get the vector.

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Manolis Michailidis
Manolis Michailidis on 12 Oct 2015
Edited: Manolis Michailidis on 12 Oct 2015
For everyone having the same issue i found a bypass way. Although after i plot the data and when i zoom in i can see clearly the data is taken approximatelly, but that is not always the case, it depends. The idea is this: when you have done your smothing fitting curve just plot it, and then exract the data from x-axis and y-axis , like this:
fnplt(pp); %// the pp is an object and NOT vector or data
h = findobj(gca,'Type','line');
X_DATA=get(h,'Xdata'); %// the x-axis vector smoothed data
Y_DATA=get(h,'Ydata'); %// the y-axis vector smoothed data

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