Help in naming the file from 001 to 100 with the same extenstion

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ken ken
ken ken on 16 Oct 2015
Commented: Jos (10584) on 16 Oct 2015
May i know how to rename all the file with the same extension .jpg(random name) in the same folder to 001.jpg , 002.jpg and so on to 100.jpg etc

Accepted Answer

Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) on 16 Oct 2015
Edited: Jan on 16 Oct 2015
% assuming you are in the directory of choice
extension = 'jpg'
DF = dir(['*.' extension])
for k = 1:numel(DF)
old_name = DF(k).name
new_name = sprintf('%03d.%s', k, extension)
% movefile(old_name, new_name) % UNCOMMENT WHEN YOU ARE SURE

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Guillaume on 16 Oct 2015
Option 1: Write a script in matlab, debug it to make sure that it does not result in data loss (like overwriting some files by mistake). As you don't have the confidence to write this code on your own, the debug step will have to be thorough.
Option 2: There are gazillion programs on the internet that let you do batch renaming. Personally, I'd use which also lets you do batch renaming and is a pretty decent image viewer.


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