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Can't index images with imageIndex

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Sapio L
Sapio L on 26 Oct 2015
Edited: Sapio L on 26 Oct 2015
I try to run this code:
queryImage = imread('clutteredDesk.jpg');
queryROI = [130 175 330 365];
Use the imrect function to select an ROI interactively
queryROI = getPosition(imrect)
imageIndex = indexImages(imgSet,'Verbose',false);
imageIDs = retrieveImages(queryImage,imageIndex,'ROI',queryROI)
However, I get such error:
_ *Undefined function 'invertedImageIndex' for input arguments of type 'bagOfFeatures'.
Error in retrieve_images (line 41) imageIndex = invertedImageIndex(bag);*_

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