How can I access FSL from MATLAB?

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M on 2 Jan 2012
Edited: Walter Roberson on 7 Dec 2022
I am new to FSL and Linux(Ubuntu). I am wondering is it possible to access FSL from MATLAB or vice versa!? If yes, how? Thanks
Wasna Madushanka Ediri Arachchi
To install WBM in your computer:
  1. Check that Matlab and FSL are correctly installed, and that FSL can be executed from Matlab.
  2. Download the tarred gzip and extract the archive to a new directory.
  3. Add the main folder and all it's subdirectories to the Matlab path.
  4. At the Matlab prompt type: run_wbm
  5. If the GUI displayed at the upper right part of this page is visualized, then WBM has been correctly installed).
I want to to know how to do the first step?

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