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Too Many Labels on the X axis in Boxplot

Asked by Andrei Makarskiy on 8 Nov 2015
Latest activity Edited by Andrei Makarskiy on 8 Nov 2015
Hello, everyone. The following code makes a boxlpot with a cluttered x axes. Is there a way to display less strikes from the optionsChange table? The commented lines would help either since the strikes are offset very much to the right.
% boxplot(optionsChange.Bid_Ask_Change(1:10:end), optionsChange.Strike(1:10:end), 'labelverbosity','minor');
boxplot(optionsChange.Bid_Ask_Change, optionsChange.Strike, 'labelverbosity','minor');
% boxplot(optionsChange.Bid_Ask_Change, linspace(min(optionsChange.Strike), max(optionsChange.Strike), 30), ...
% 'labels', linspace(min(optionsChange.Strike), max(optionsChange.Strike), 30));
% set(gca,'XTick',linspace(min(optionsChange.Strike), max(optionsChange.Strike), 30));
% set(gca,'XTickLabel',linspace(min(optionsChange.Strike), max(optionsChange.Strike), 30));
title(sprintf('%s Доходность %s Calls за %g дней до события %s по Страйкам', Ticker, optionDirection, start_end_time_days, datestr(endDate)));
ylabel('Доходность (раз)');

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xticklabel_rotate([],90,[],'Fontsize',5); helps a bit, but still it's a nightmerish solution

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