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time of source and copied movie

Asked by Majid Al-Sirafi on 9 Nov 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 11 Nov 2015
Hi everyone
I had written a program with Mat lab. This program makes copy for movie from source movie. When I play two movies, the time of the source movie file is less than the copied file. So, how to make the time of source movie same as the copied movie
please see the following code
clear all;
close all;
[filename pathname] = uigetfile('*.avi','File Selector');
vid = strcat(pathname, filename);
obj = mmreader(vid);
vid = read(obj);
frames = obj.NumberOfFrames;
for x = 1 : frames
for f=1:frames
new10=addframe(new10,blocks{f}); % the result is red movie
msgbox('end of operation','Message','warn');


I assume your application is more complex than simply copying the file, but if you're only trying to copy the file you can use copyfile.
Really, i do not need just copy, but i want to do some operations(change color, drop frame from movie.. etc.) on the original movie file and then produce a new movie after the operations. The time of produced movie is more than the original movie

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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 10 Nov 2015
 Accepted Answer

The obsolete routine avifile() uses a default 'FPS' (frames per second) of 15. If your original movie has a different rate then the time of the resulting movie will be different.
You should be switching to VideoWriter from avifile(), but still you need to remember to set the frame rate.


Hi dear your recommendation is true. So, how can I choose the frame rate with (avifile) command into wanted rate
thank you vey much
aviinfo can return Frames Per Second (but only as an integer). Like avifile() it is recommended that you switch over to newer routines.

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