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Error "xls is not writable. It might be locked by another process" from exe file but not from m file.

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I have written code that opens an excel file, read it and show it to user and then export the data to xls file through xlswrite command. When I run it in matlab it works fine. However, when I compiled it through matlab compiler it opens and shows the data but cannot write the xls file. I opened cmd.exe to see the error and get the following error " nameofexcel.xls is not writable. It might be locked by another process". So, I wrote code if this excel file is open to close it and then write but still it doesn't work. Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you in advance
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Kelly Kyriakou
Kelly Kyriakou on 9 Nov 2015
Actually, I discovered the problem. I hadn't the rights to write a file at the destination folder. I changed the rights and it works. The destination folder was created in program files. Do you have to suggest any destination that will have the rights to write?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Nov 2015
Kelly, Windows does not allow programs (except installers) to write to any files under c:\Program Files. So what I do is to have my m-files on a second internal SSD - no problem writing there. If you want to keep it on your C drive, put the results in your input data folder (if it's not under Program Files) or in your C:\users\Public\Documents folder. You can also make subfolders under there if you want. Every program and user should be allowed to write files to that folder.

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