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Issues with datastore function for .mat files that are not outputs of a mapreduce function. Please help.

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Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez on 16 Nov 2015
Commented: Justin Igwe on 21 May 2016
Hi I'm trying to perform mapreduce functionality on several .mat files that contain a vector and a cell array(strings & numeric vectors) that are not an output of a mapreduce fcn. This is the error I obtain when using the datastore function on one of the .mat files:
Error using datastore (line 70)
Cannot find a datastore for the location specified. The location might not be supported by any datastore or an error occurred while
trying to create your datastore. You can specify the 'DatastoreType' name-value pair argument to select a specific datastore type.
Could you help explain why this is occurring? How do you specify a DatastoreType name-value pair argument?

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