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Is it possible to combine CARNOT toolbox in Simulink with Simscape customised components?

Asked by David Furtado on 21 Nov 2015
Latest activity Answered by hlk
on 11 Mar 2016
I have tried modelling a district heating network with customised SImscape components and combining CARNOT components in Simulink to it. The system doesnt run for a years simulation. It breaks down saying there is an erro. How do I solve this? I could share the model hereafter
Regards David


1 Answer

Answer by hlk
on 11 Mar 2016

You should be able to combine blocks from the CARNOT Toolbox and (custom) Simscape blocks.
I don't have Simscape so your model wouldn't help. But you should provide more information. Which state functions are you trying to exchange between the blocks and which solvers did you use? Did you try to put the Simscape blocks into a model reference subsystem? Did you try to update/run the components individually? Like running the Simscape blocks by their own, if need be with some dummy inputs connected?


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