Logging data in concurrent execution using Simulink Real-Time stand-alone mode

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I want to run a Simulink model with Simulink Real-Time as a concurrent stand-alone application. Furthermore the results have to be logged to a file. So far I have learned that target file scopes will not work in this design. I wrote an S Function in C, but file I/O is to slow for my application which results in a CPU overload. Now I try to use a slower background task that writes all buffered data from the self-developed scopes into the logfile.
But I need a nice way to transfer the pointer of the scope buffer (hold in the DWork vector of the scope) to the write block.
A global variable will not work in normal Simulink mode using MEX-Files. Data store blocks will produce additional modelling overhead.
The only possible way I see so far is to transfer a pointer of a global dataset using a file, what seems to be a really nasty solution.
Is there a possibility I missed? Any help would be appreciated.

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