How to resolve S-function mdlRTW error during code generation?

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I'm trying to use a C MEX S-function in my Simulink model. I can run the model in normal mode, but I'd like to use it in Rapid Accelerator mode. The following error occurs when I try to build the rapid accelerator target:
This S-function block must have a corresponding TLC file since it has an mdlRTW() function
Why does this error occur? I have only non-tunable parameters in my S-function so I left the MDL_RTW function empty (at the end of the S-function). Where do I have to begin to resolve this question? I'm pretty new to code generation of S-functions so I have no idea where to start.
I can include my S-function if necessary.

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J. van Delft
J. van Delft on 3 Jan 2016
I though I needed to mdlRTW function to produce code for the rapid accelerator. However, this is not necessary. Simply deleting this part of the S-function solved the problem
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Xiaoning.Wang on 28 Mar 2022
if I want to generate the code, so I must to a TLC file,
这个TLC文件是自动生成的, 还是新建一个文件,更改后缀生成的呢? 因为复制别人的TLC,但是不能正常使用,
Is this a newly created file or an automatically generated one? Because it copies other people's TLC, but it can't be used normally,

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