How to wait for matlab called from C++ code to finish and resume project afterwards?

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Anna Shtengel
Anna Shtengel on 6 Jan 2016
Commented: Bo Li on 7 Jan 2016
I'm calling matlab optimization function through matlab engine by "eval" from visual studio (C++) and I want to get the result. For that I need to know when matlab finishes, wait for it from the C++ project and resume afterwards. I found only documentation about how to do it from Python:
Is there a C++ equivalent?

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Bo Li
Bo Li on 6 Jan 2016
There are MATLAB Engine APIs for C which should work in C++ environment:
The C version of MATLAB Engine does not support the asynchronous mechanism in Python Engine.
Bo Li
Bo Li on 7 Jan 2016
MATLAB Engine APIs for C is synchronous by default, which is exactly what you want: "wait for a matlab function called from C++ to finish before proceeding to the rest of my code".

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