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Can I copy figures from Matlab in such a way that their resolution, position, fonts are similar for all the figure when I paste into a word document?

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Bee on 28 Jan 2016
Answered: Vineeth Kartha on 2 Feb 2016
I am copying some figure from Matlab to a word document and I have to edit every figure 100 times to match with one another. I must be doing something wrong. I have seen some functions to produce publication quality graphs, but they did not work for my bar-plots or histograms. Now I spent 4 hours to modify 8 figures and still when I put them together, they look different (fonts/position/resolution). When I copy the figure, I have to drag and resize it to match my document size, and then everything falls apart :( I really want to known how do people manage it. I have seen a post from Loren about publication quality graphs, but could not apply that to bar-plots or histograms. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Vineeth Kartha
Vineeth Kartha on 2 Feb 2016
Hi Bee,
You can achieve this by ensuring that the figures have the same style. This can be done by adjusting the properties of the bar and histogram functions.
Also copy the figure by going to Edit->Copy Figure and then pasting it in the word document.
For example, you can do this via a MATLAB script that contains the following commands:
>> plot(data1,'MarkerSize','6','Linewidth','0.75');
>> title('Plot1','FontName','Helvetica','FontSize','11');
>> plot(data2,'MarkerSize','6','LineWidth','0.75');
>> title('Plot2','FontName','Helvetica','FontSize','11');
The above piece of code ensures that both the plots that are created have the same linewidth and Markersize. This also ensures that the font and size of the title are uniform.
You can also make the text in the legends to have uniform size throughout the figures, by adjusting the Legend Properties

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