please give me the coding to merge the keypoints in an images

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I have extracted the keypoints using SIFT, i need the idea for count the number of keypoints.
the keypoint merging algorithm must be in following steps
Step 1: The spatial coordinates of the keypoints contained in the set K (k is keypoint) are used as input of the algorithm.
Step 2: To the vector of parameters, a further parameter m is added and initialized to 1. It will act as a counter to keep trace of the number of “merging operations” done with that keypoint.
Step 3: A matrix N × N containing the Euclidean distances in the spatial domain between all keypoints is com-puted.
Step 4: The two keypoints k i , k j ) with the smallest distance d min are selected.
Step 5: If d min < T m ( threshold ) → k i and k j are merged into a new point k t which will replace the two keypoints in the set K c .
Step 6: The matrix containing the distances is then recom- puted with the new point.
Steps 3–6 are repeated until d min > T m .
Step 7: Assuming that the points with a value of m smaller than 2 are isolated points only the points with m > 1 are kept. The number of resulting merged keypoints represents finally the estimation of the number of cars present in the scene. This step is useful to detectisolated keypoints and discard them since viewed as false alarms

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Jan 2016
We are not a Write Your Homework For Free service. We assist people in understanding MATLAB, but we do not do their work for them.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Jan 2016
Yeah, the problem is he's asking way too much. There's no way I can code up what he wants in like 5 minutes or so. He needs to narrow it down to one small, specific question, not ask us to write a whole app for him.

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