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I'm trying to end the program once my variable reaches a certain value. I used a conditional, but my program won't stop?

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This is a part of my code. I put my if statement outside the while loop. I don't understand how I can get it to stop once "population" = 7.14*10^9.
while n < nFinal + 1 %%will continue until n = nFinal (made it nFinal + 1 so population is calculated for nFinal)
populationArray = ones(1,nFinal); %%made a an array to preallocate with
for i = 1:nFinal
population = zombie_interest(P,r,n); % do calculation using T function from zombie_interest
%%fprintf('population on Day %d is %d\n',n,population); % prints out population for each day
populationArray(1,i) = population; %%this replaces ith column with the population value
n = n+1; %increases n by 1 for each day
if population == 7.14*10^9

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Elliot Olsen
Elliot Olsen on 2 Feb 2016
You are initializing the populationArray inside of the while loop. This means that every time the while loop executes, your array is reset to all ones. Initialize this array outside of the while loop.

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BerendBotje on 2 Feb 2016
From what you've posted, this should work just fine. It's not your entire code, though. Without the entire code, it's hard to find errors like this.
Anyway... you might be running into a problem because you have an inner loop that runs to nFinal, while your outer loop runs to nFinal + 1. This will make your outer loop actually loop to 2*nFinal, because the inner loop will be executed twice (each time nFinal times).
If that doesn't answer your question, post your entire code.


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